Superior Energy Efficiency Achieved in Flint, TX Custom Home

Hunt Custom Homes is well known for their expert building practices and thoughtful innovation in homes they build in Tyler and throughout East Texas. That’s why they partnered with our local experts at Kinzler Construction Services to ensure their new build in Flint would achieve maximum energy efficiency.

We made design and product recommendations to help meet new code requirements and installed Blown-In-Blanket (BIBS) insulation on exterior walls and blown-in insulation in the attic.

We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work.

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LEADERSHIP: Crucial Conversations

While the thought of having difficult conversations may fill most of us with dread, avoiding conflict is a big mistake. In fact, such conversations are absolutely crucial to an organization’s health and overall success. Sure, the tension may feel high—but ignoring incompetence or bad behavior only creates alienation and a culture of mistrust.

In this video, Kinzler Chief Talent Officer Brian Schwartze shares practical ways to defuse the situation and achieve a successful resolution.


Learn more from the New York Times best selling book, Crucial Conversations.

Kinzler Construction Services Insulates Minneapolis Graves’ Uptown Luxury Condo

The team at Kinzler’s Minneapolis Headquarters, located in Fridley, MN, recently finished insulating a six-story, nine-unit condominium project by developer Jim Graves. It’s being built by Doran Construction.

The expert Kinzler crews used Dow CM2045 spray foam for the job. This product ensured 100% coverage with no voids and the customer was impressed. In fact, a representative from Dow inspected our installation, commenting to the General Contractor that Kinzler’s crews went above and beyond industry standards for quality control and attention to detail.

Kinzler Supports Iowa Rett Strollathon

Watch Lacey Kinzler’s story.

Kinzler Construction Services is a proud supporter of Iowa’s FIRST Strollathon to raise money for Rett Syndrome Research. Our founders Kevin & Yvonne Kinzler’s daughter, Lacey, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome just before her second birthday. Hear their story.
Kinzler will be hosting a “Wheelchair & Stroller-Decorating Station” at the event Saturday, May 20th in Des Moines. Please join us by walking in the event, cheer on others from the sidelines or join us at Confluence Brewery after the stroll! Learn more or register a team at
Rett Syndrome is the only Autism Spectrum disorder with a known genetic cause and it was completely reversed in a mouse model in 2007. It costs $100,000 to test just one drug. Thank you for your support!

Kinzler Construction Services Honored for Ankeny Reinvestments

Salute to Industry
Kinzler employees pictured with the AEDC Commercial Reinvestment Award (from left): Mae Saunders, VP of Accounting & Finance; Jason Mortvedt, Marketing Director; Wendy Mayfield, Human Resources Manager.

The Ankeny Economic Development Corporation recently honored Kinzler Construction Services for substantial reinvestments into the community at their annual Salute to Industry event.

“Not only is this a chance for businesses to network with one another, but it gives us a chance to recognize the companies and individuals who have made major contributions to economic development in Ankeny,” said Joey Beech, Executive Director of the Ankeny Economic Development Corporation.

Kinzler Construction Services was presented with the Commercial Reinvestment Award, reserved for an existing Ankeny business that is growing or reinvesting in itself. Kinzler is substantially renovating approximately 110,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space at 700 SE Oralabor Rd. in Ankeny. The company also plans to add 44 new jobs as a result of this project over the next three years.

“We’re excited to be able to better serve our customers from this renovated space in the coming months,” said Kinzler’s Vice President of Accounting & Finance Mae Saunders, who accepted the award. “We’re happy to be located in the vibrant city of Ankeny and honored to receive this recognition from the Ankeny Economic Development Corporation.”

Kinzler Construction Services is a leading provider of construction supplies and services to commercial, residential and agricultural builders and homeowners. With locations across Iowa as well as Minnesota and Texas, Kinzler is committed to being experts on the latest insulation techniques and building-science technologies, continuously improving value for their clients. The company is rapidly growing and invites you to search job openings and apply to join the Kinzler team.

Kinzler Ankeny
Kinzler’s Ankeny Operations is set to be complete this winter at 700 SE Oralabor Rd. next to Perkins.

Kinzler Construction Services Supports Mission to Insulate African Church

Kids and Water
Please click on the image above to make a tax deductible gift to support this mission.

Kinzler Construction Services is partnering with a non-profit charity founded in Ames, Iowa to insulate a church in the East African nation of Uganda. It’s part of Kinzler’s core focus to serve others, build relationships and enrich lives.

Brian Schwartze, Kinzler Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and his 13 year-old son JB will spend nearly two weeks in Uganda. Part of their mission there includes insulating a church and school in the village of Obule. Kinzler Construction Services donated radiant barrier for the project, an insulation system which uses a type of heavy duty aluminum foil which can limit up to 97% of radiant heat transfer.

“Radiant barriers work exceptionally well in sunny climates, like they experience in Uganda,” said Kevin Kinzler, Executive Chairman and Founder of Kinzler Construction Services. “A significant amount of the heat transfer into and out of that church is through radiation. We are happy to be able to support this project which will make a positive impact for those living in this African village.”

Brian and JB also plan to dig wells, supporting the mission of the Clean Water Movement, and put on a baseball clinic or two.

“I’m most excited about this trip because I want to make a large impact on people’s lives,” says JB, who will attend Gilbert Middle School this fall. “I want to make the world better one step at a time. I really want to meet the kids and learn a new culture. When we are there we are going to have a baseball clinic. That will be awesome to teach something that I love to people across the world.”

Visit Brian and JB’s fundraising website to make a tax-deductible gift to help support their mission trip to Uganda. Donations also earn you entries into a raffle drawing.

Hear from JB

Hear more from JB Schwartze about his mission to Uganda in this short video.

Iowa-based Kinzler Construction Services is a leading provider of construction supplies and services to commercial, residential and agricultural builders and homeowners. Kinzler has locations in Ames, Ankeny, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids, and in Minnesota and Texas. Learn more.

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