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Kinzler Experience


The Kinzler Experience

The Kinzler Experience is the feeling you get from doing business with our people.  Our greatest asset is our people.  The Kinzler experience is not about our products, partners or locations.  It is about our people.  The Kinzler experience is about a company that started in a garage and has never forgotten where we came from.  It’s about knowing most of what we do will never be seen, but all of what we do will be felt.  It’s 30 years of problem solving and know-how.  It’s a look you in the eye, handshake-means-something, yeah, we can do that, Midwestern mentality.  That’s who we are at Kinzler.


What makes the Kinzler Experience so unique? 


We employ building science and product line experts that know their stuff inside and out.  We often think of things that are not included in specifications that save time/money and make the building function better.  We offer a wide variety of products and services and can handle multiple scopes of work allowing for increased savings.  We have grown from our willingness to solve difficult technical problems for our customers.  



Simply put, we have enormous inventory levels and will always have the products our customers need when they need it.  In addition, we have the labor force and the back office support to take on the largest most difficult jobs.  No matter the size of the job, we can handle it.   Multiple branches provide us with the resources to support other areas. Our industry experience allows us to draw on past experience to solve problems.


Customer Service:

Growth at Kinzler has been the direct result of a customer asking us to solve a specific problem. We focus on win/win solutions for our customers and have grown as a result of the service we provide.  At Kinzler, we have a partnership mentality.  We do what say and we finish on time. Even if our work will never be seen, we know the Kinzler difference is felt every day. 

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