Cocoon Home Performance Solutions

cocoon home performance solutions

Cocoon Home Performance Solutions is now part of the Kinzler family of companies. Serving the Twin Cities area, Cocoon Home Performance by Kinzler takes a holistic approach to understanding the impact that insulation has on your house. Our consultants evaluate your house to understand how it works as a system and will provide you with a range of solutions that fit your budget. We provide you with the tools and education so your house continues to perform well long after we are gone.

  • fix-ice-dam

    Eliminate Ice Dams

  • reduce-energy-cost

    Reduce Energy Costs

  • home-hot-cold

    Increased Comfort

  • increase-comfort

    Better Air Quality

We can help! Cocoon Home Performance is a complete solution to weatherproof your home.  Our trained technicians are trained and certified installers of a wide variety of products designed to achieve results.

  • Products

    Mineral wool
    Spray Polyurethane Foam

  • Applications

    Attic Retrofits
    New Construction
    Sound Proofing

  • Results

    Elimination of ice dams
    Reduced energy costs
    Increased comfort
    Increased air quality

Cocoon Home Performance Solutions by Kinzler serves the Minneapolis/St. Paul area from our office at 6253 Bury Drive, Suite 110, Eden Prairie, MN 55346.

Call us at 952.999.7000 or use the form below to send us a message.


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