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Cocoon History

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Cocoon started in 2011 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with a like-minded group of people passionate about building performance. With their innovative philosophy to harmonize all aspects of the building envelop from cladding and insulation to moisture control and HVAC, Cocoon built a reputation solving the most complex performance issues with scopes that not only fixed the performance issue but increased comfort, durability, occupant health and efficiency. Through state-of-the-art scientific diagnostic tests, Cocoon is able to assess a building’s efficiency and apply their knowledge to create solutions that have the greatest impact on overall function.

In August 2014, Kinzler Construction Services acquired Cocoon to bring Kinzler’s resources to the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, while simultaneously supporting the mission of expanding the Cocoon high-performance philosophy to other markets around the country.

History of Kinzler Construction Services, Inc.

Kinzler Construction Services is a 30 year old company that began in a garage with Kevin and Yvonne Kinzler.  Today, Kinzler is recognized as an industry expert with a reputation for superior service and innovation.  Kinzler installs insulation from the largest commercial project to the smallest homeowner attic.  In addition, Kinzler offers a full line of B2B construction products and services for contractors.  Kinzler continues to be family owned and operated with Tanner Kinzler now serving as CEO.  Kinzler has eight locations across the country with Ames, Iowa serving as company Headquarters.  Kinzler currently employs over 300 employees.

What is Cocoon? How is Cocoon different? What separates Cocoon from other contractors?

Cocoon is a performance-based, results-oriented thought process for maximizing energy solutions for existing (retrofit) residential homes. Kinzler team experts, trained and certified in the Cocoon process, take a holistic view of the home as a system. We perform state-of-the-art tests to understand how your home is functioning. We use the test results to prescribe a prudent scope of work, avoiding unintended consequences that often occur without careful consideration of how a home’s systems interact with each other. Finally, we verify quality by performing post testing, ensuring your comfort, health and safety and the long-term durability of your home.

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